Why This Is So Important


It’s quite simple really.

After reading the subject The Holy Bible,
you will see that all the words in the
Holy Bible are breathed by God Almighty.


Most bookstores are stocked up with books written by Humans.
We are not interested in reading the words of fallen men,
as they mostly Take Away from the Holy words that God has given us.
We are only interested in the words given by God.

When humans write words they Dilute the words of God.
So this site is here to Concentrate the words of God.

The purpose of these subjects is to give ONLY the words of God.
The subjects have NO words written by fallen Humans.

In this site, we have around 30 subjects where God gives many
instructions, covering Life, Death, Eternity, Heaven, Hell, and others.


You will see these words at the top of each Subject:
“These are the holy words of God Almighty.
We are not interested in the words of humans.
For anybody who loves God…”

Many people claim to love God, yet reject All or Some of the words He has given us.
They give many excuses, often using many human words to Reject what He has said.

Yet in the subject The Holy Bible, you will see that
Jesus clearly says in John 14:24  :
“He who does not love Me, does not keep My words”.


So in each subject we give No lame human Interpretations, Explanations, Mockery,
or Excuses saying it is not Relevant, not Applicable, not Written to us,
or hatred for God by Twisting His words saying we need to read them in Context,
or through Lenses of false grace, and therefore Not receiving His words.

By doing so, people Reject the words of God,
and therefore tell Jesus we do Not love Him.

Why would somebody make themselves an Enemy of God ?

Lord Jesus, we Repent for Rejecting You and your Holy Words.
We make a decision to Receive Every Word that You have given us.


It is important that we receive all of God’s words, not just a few verses in isolation,
but everything that God has instructed in the fullness of scripture.


This site is a Comprehensive list of every verse in the Holy Bible
recorded in Canonical order from Genesis to Revelation
on the subjects that affect where you will spend Eternity.

The lists of verses are comprehensive but not exhaustive,
so the subject of Heaven includes the verses on Eternal Rewards,
the subject of Hell includes the verses on Everlasting Punishment.

If you find an important verse we have missed for a subject,
please send us details here and we will consider it for inclusion.
If you are wondering where other subjects might be, please read here.


The Holy Bible, Berean Standard Bible, BSB is produced in cooperation with Bible Hub and the Berean Bible Translation Committee. This text of God’s Word has been dedicated to the public domain. All uses are freely permitted.